Thursday, May 17, 2012

Stockies and Salmon

This evening I was fortunate enough to catch my fishing partner and longtime friend Chris Stiles at a time when he was free to fish. We hit our local river, the Schroon, for a few hours before dark. Lots of caddis hatching but not too many fish rising. We managed to nymph up some stockies fairly quick.

A few minutes later I heard Stiles call my name. I looked upstream and watched in drag screaming fashion as a Landlocked Salmon of probably 17 inches or more, launched itself several feet in the air. The fish took off into the faster current and Stiles was into his backing immediately. He palmed his reel to try and slow the fish but it was too late; the fish broke off the entire rig...end of story.

It was awesome to see and Stiles explained that the fish had gone air born four times. It was nice to get out on the water with Stiles again. Tomorrow morning I'm headed to the river to swing some streamers with the hope of hooking up with a big LLS.

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  1. And it really did happen just like that. I got schooled & spooled. This fish had a preplan just incase he made the mistake of eating a hook. Danmed Dam