Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Adirondack Brookies

Stiles and I woke early and got on the road with hopes of tying into some nice wild Adirondack native brookies. We hiked in to a remote back country stream which we have fished before. After losing our bearings in the thick disorientating woods, we finally found the section of stream that we wanted to fish. We landed fish immediately...

As we fished upstream, the hatches started to happen. We saw everything, and I mean everything; march browns, hendricksons, yellow sallies, golden drakes, and this big guy which may be a golden drake also...if you can identify this, please leave a comment...

Fishing continued to be great with elk hair caddis and caddis emergers doing the job. Stiles managed to pull 5+ fish out of a deep slot, all of them being decent sized. One of them even posed for an underwater shot after the release.

We had great day on the water and fished for more than 8 hours. It was great being back in a remote part of the Adirondacks again. I really did miss it while I was in Montana. 

Big thanks to Stiles for driving, a great day fishing, and for being a great friend.

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