Tuesday, May 22, 2012


My first year of college, I think, went really well. I managed a 3.43 first semester, all while fishing almost everyday and still having a social life. Second semester was a different story....

With an overloaded schedule, my grades in some classes began to drop, especially in Organic Chemistry. Yes, o-chem to many college students is like a prison where you are exposed to vast amounts of 'useless information' by an evil college professor. Truth is, our professor was not to evil....just very very serious and the type of prof to make you think critically about everything.

My major of wildlife biology requires a C- in o-chem in order to move on to Cell and Molecular Biology. Now, its not that I was aiming for the minimum grade I could get by with. I had worked hard but struggled in the class and was in position to 'just pass'. I had done the calculations for my grade before the final and had figured out that in order to get a D+, I would have had to totally bomb the final which I was not going to let myself do so I was very happy that I apparently never had to deal with o-chem again in my life...


A few days ago, our final grades were released for spring semester. I don't think I've ever been so depressed when I saw the "D+" next to o-chem....I literally almost cried. To have to sit through torture again would be the worst.

However, I felt as though something was wrong. I had done the calculations and knew that I hadn't completely bombed the final. So I decided to call my professor who was more than happy to send me all of my scores for the semester. This morning I found the flaw: she had given me a zero for my sixth exam which I happened to get a 72 on! I called her back and told her. She was very apologetic to me and explained that the score will easily put me at a C-! My word of advice to all students...always double check your freaking scores because occasionally profs do make mistakes! Even if they believe they are perfect and don't make mistakes!

Could this day get any better now? How about a big trout...that would be the icing on the cake. Time to go fish!

P.S.- I am in now way proud that I ALMOST had to retake organic chemistry. I am usually a good student. The class was just difficult.


  1. haha that is awesome Alec!! Chemistry sucks! I spent too many hours in my chem professor's office...but still got the C+! At least you don't have to take it again...I almost had to take Calculus again but got the highest score on my final I got all year in either of my math classes...calc professor was scary!!

  2. Alec, that's awesome. I was bummed for you having to retake it. That is indeed Great News.

  3. Kendyl- Yes some professors can be really scary.
    Jamie- Thanks! I couldn't be happier that I don't have to retake it.