Wednesday, May 16, 2012


On Tuesday I had the opportunity to fish the Columbia River with my cousin for the afternoon. I wasn't expecting the river to be so big all the way up in BC. We couldn't cover too much water by wading.

Big Water

I did manage to land one brookie of about 10 inches. I was surprised that it was a brookie and not a bow which the Columbia is so well known for in Southern BC. The fish smashed a large black streamer which I was ripping on the deep edges of the river and actually put up a decent fight for its size. Lots of caddis hatching but no fish rising. I didn't have too much time to fish because I had to make it back across the U.S./Canadian border to Spokane for my flight on Wednesday.

Of course when I arrived in Washington DC today, I was delayed for four more hours than my original departure time. I travelled for a total of 20 hours today...pretty exhausting. However, since I am on a western sleep schedule, I do not feel tired at all (which has allowed me to write this post).

Tomorrow I'm right back to fishing for some native brookies on some streams close to my house. I'm pretty excited to fish my home waters again. It's good to be back home.

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