About Me

Born in Saranac Lake, NY, in the heart of the Adirondack park, I was always an 'outdoor' child. When my dad showed me how to catch sunnies off of the dock at my grandmas camp, I was hooked. I was given my first fly rod when I was seven and my dad took me in the fall to the Salmon River(NY), a Lake Ontario tributary with runs of salmon and steelhead . Seeing all of the giant kings and cohos is what really jump started my addiction. From then on, it was a combination of curiosity and self interest to learn everything I could about Fly Fishing. My grandpa James Underwood, also added to my obsession, giving me over 60 years of his Fly Fishing knowledge, including how to tie flies. Throughout high school the sport became my escape. If my mom knew how many days of school I skipped my senior year to fish, she would  probably be very angry. Now at the University of Montana, I am chasing my dream of fly fishing some of the greatest streams in the United States and becoming a fisheries biologist along the way. I've already had some of the most amazing fly fishing trips of my life, and it will only get better. The next step? Travel the world and fish.

I would like to thank my mom, dad, and siblings Alison, Kate, Iain and Ellie, for always supporting me, even though I have an incurable addiction to fly fishing.