Saturday, May 5, 2012


My mission today was to get out of Missoula and clear my mind before the start of what is going to be several terrifying days of pounding organic chemistry and biology lecture notes into my head before finals. I planned on fishing a lake, but found myself wanting to fish moving water. The lure of the blackfoot was too much. Driving to the blackfoot was pretty interesting as I experienced rain, snow, sleat, hail and sunshine, all multiple times.

The Blackfoot still remains high and off color, but the levels have come down some and I resorted to fishing the mouths of some incoming creeks.


I threw some flashy streamers to start and landed a cuttbow right off the bat. The fish hit pretty hard and even took a few leaps... It was a great feeling after not catching a fish for over 2 weeks.

I had already experienced a little bit of hail on the road, but I soon got the up close and personal experience. For a few minutes some serious hail came down, with some of them being almost the size of a dime. Yup, it hurt and I almost had to take shelter. My car turned out to be fine. Just like on the road, I experienced almost every form of precipitation I know of. Gotta love Montana weather!

I lost two more fish on the day while nymphing. One of the fish was a decent cutty which I lost after a couple minute fight. Very frustrating. Either way I had a nice afternoon. I missed fishing the Blackfoot very much over the winter months.

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