Monday, May 14, 2012

A Long Week

I've had a really busy week with finals and moving my stuff out of the dorm. Procrastinating really hurt me this week but I still managed to fish a bunch. I learned a few things this week:

#1. Soccer girls like to fish.

#2. Fly Fishing relieves stress no matter what.

#3. Don't pass up water where you don't think a fish could be...

Here is what you have missed!....

Rock creek with soccer girls (Kelsey and Ciara).

Givin' the fish some love

The Clark Fork gives up a nice brownie...

Moving out of the dorms....

A little bit o' camping.

Today I traveled from Missoula to Rossland, British Columbia to visit my cousin Nick. We managed to find some native brookies today on a small stream near the U.S./Canadian border. It reminded me a lot of upstate NY. It's really beautiful up here and I think we may wet lines in the Columbia tomorrow morning (although it is one big river, even up here in Canada).

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