Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Big Storms

Like a sign of the apocalypse (probably because I'm leaving tomorrow), upstate NY received a beating today from three or four major super cell storm systems. I had the pleasure of sitting in a car through one and then later being trapped by flooded streets. It must have rained at least 2 inches in less than an hour and at one point I had to backtrack to get around a flooded road. Reports of golf ball size hail came from around the north country and tornado warnings were in effect for the entire day. Pretty cool to see some big storms!

In the flood

Here's a snapshot taken from a video that I took with my cell phone. This bolt of lighting hit only about 100 yards away. Very loud and kinda sketchy.

The fish should be pretty damn happy with the rain today, for it will definitely push the river levels up.
Tomorrow morning I'm headed west! Very stoked to get back out and work....and fish. Not sure how the Internet situation will be but I'll see what I can do for keeping the posts coming. 

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