Saturday, May 26, 2012

Aggressive brown

I have continued fishing these past few days....

THURSDAY: Headed up to Schroon Lake with my dad to fish the afternoon and evening. Fishing was mostly slow. I was expecting to get into some smallies while fishing for pike but only managed one nice pickerel and a few small perch. Still, it was nice to get out with dad for the first time in a while. The picture files were corrupted for some reason so no pics of the fish.

FRIDAY: I met up with Jon Swartwout to fish a few streams in the Saratoga area. Always being an admirer of Jon's artwork, I was ecstatic when he surprised me with a special gift; one of his paintings.

I really couldn't believe that he gave me the painting and I will be forever grateful. Jon has inspired me to get back into painting like I did a couple of years ago. I can only hope to create such awesome paintings as he does. Thanks a bunch Jon!

Now to the fishing... Jon and I fished from mid day to around 4pm. It was probably the worst time to fish but we each moved a fish and I had one brown on. Jon also lost a huge smallmouth that snapped him off at his feet. Temps hit the low 80's while we were fishing, so slow fishing was expected.

SATURDAY: After spending the night at my grandparents, I woke early to fish a different section of the stream Jon and I had fished on Friday. I made my way upstream, hitting every seam, pool, and good looking run. Almost all the way up the section, I found the seam that held one highly aggressive brown. The fish came out of nowhere and missed my streamer on three consecutive casts. I positioned myself upstream of the fish's lie after unsuccessfully connecting with the fish. This time neither the fish or I missed. The hook set was good and the fight was on. The fish put up a real good fight and I had my hands full trying to keep the fish from getting into fast water. I finally netted the fish as it tired, took two quick photos and released it.

NY browns are just as bad-ass as MT browns

Only stung one more fish for the remaining couple of hours that I fished. Not too bad considering the water conditions are low. All I needed was the one fish and I was very happy.

Tomorrow is looking to be a native brookie day as I am trying to keep my "fish everyday that I'm home" streak alive. Only a few days until I'm headed back to Montana, so there's no reason to stop now!

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