Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Just got off the water. Had a good evening of fishing and actually managed to land two large browns which I believe are lake run fish that have made their way down an outlet stream. The fish were far more powerful than the stockie rainbows that I caught tonight. They also had all of their fins and great colors.

How now brown trout

Tomorrow Stiles and I are headed deep into the heart of the Adirondacks in search of some big native brookies. On our last trip to this secret location, we were quite literally eaten alive by black flies. If you think you know how bad black flies can be in upstate NY, then think again.... I am now releasing to the public (you the readers) for the first time ever, two very embarrassing photos of what Stiles and I looked like when we got out of the woods on that day....the day of the worst black flies we have ever experienced.

Don't laugh to hard...It wasn't a fun thing. We still caught nice fish though. Hopefully we catch some nice fish tomorrow also. 

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