The Crew

This is not a crew of the blog per say, but the crew that I call my friends. My buddies. The bros.... We have all found ourselves leaving our hometowns from all different parts of the country to attend this prestigious University in order to chase our dreams; to fly fish some of the country's greatest trout waters, as frequently as possible. Each one of these guys has their own style, their own preferences, and their own weird interesting character traits. These are the faces that you will see the most on the blog. Together we share our passion for fly fishing and living life to the fullest.

Garret Visser
A.K.A: G-Money Vis
Hometown: Sullivan's Island, South Carolina
Favorite River: Watauga River, TN
Favorite Game: Throwing crab patterns to tailing redfish.

Cody Melchior
A.K.A: Melch
Hometown: Oakland, California
Favorite River: McCloud River, CA
Favorite Game: Presenting to a big, picky, consistently rising trout.

Chris Gratton
A.K.A: Otter
Hometown: St. Albans, Vermont
Favorite River: Upper Missouri River, MT
Favorite Game: Finding the perfect streamer water where the biggest trout lie.

Trevor Anderson
A.K.A.: Mr. Anderson (The Matrix)
Hometown: Houlton, Wisconsin
Favorite River: Bitterroot River, MT
Favorite Game: Fishing trico spinner falls for selective sippers.