Monday, May 7, 2012

Rockin' it

Yesterday I headed up Rock Creek with Kelsey to fish for a few hours. We found that Rock was in pretty good shape...Clear as always and not extremely high. It took Kels all of 1 minute to hook into her first fish of the day. What a pro!

The action continued as we took turns catching fish. Kelsey even managed to catch a small rainbow that ate both stonefly nymphs....something that I've never seen happen before. How the small bow managed to eat both nymphs at once is beyond me.

The biggest loss of the day happened when Kelsey hooked into a really decent rainbow of about 16 inches. The fish took off into some faster current and the hook pulled out. Kelsey was livid (as she would say), and her frustration turned into the need to hook into another good fish.

We kept fishing and sure enough as we stood 10 feet above a nice pool on a giant boulder, her indicator shot down and she set the hook on another decent fish. This time she fought the fish for a while. However, we were in a pretty bad position on top of the giant rock, and as we tried to climb down while fighting the fish, the hook popped out. Kelsey was furious. It was awesome to see her get so angry because of a lost fish. I have a feeling we'll be back to Rock this weekend so she can redeem herself.


  1. Oh Yeah,
    That's what we wanted to see. Kelsey; trout in hand. I would much rather see her sweet smile than the cork. Who put you up to that (Alec?). Well done K! Keep up the good work. Nice brownie!


  2. yes I had her do that pose...its the pro pose!

  3. I really want to go out west and go fishing with you Al! looks like alot of fun.

  4. well come on out here El! It's a ton of fun!