Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stuck in Denver

After being told that my flight from Denver to Missoula would probably be redirected to Bozeman or even Salt Lake City, I decided to stay in Denver for the night. Besides, when the flight attendants explain that the reason that they're putting suitcases in empty seats is to solve a "wing balance problem", you don't really feel comfortable about the flight you're about to go on. After sitting in the plane on the ground for over 40 minutes, they asked for a third set of volunteers to stay the night in Denver and I got the hell off the plane.

Wow was that a great decision. I cant believe all the vouchers they gave me. They put me up in a great hotel, gave me a meal voucher and best of all......$400 to use on a flight within the next year!! Fishing trip?? I THINK YES!

I have taken advantage of this great decision that I've made and hit the hotel restaurant already. Prime Rib! It was delicious.

My flight that I'm on standby for leaves tomorrow at 10:20am which will put me back in the ZOO by 1pm. Maybe that will give me enough time to go catch some cuttbows on the Clark Fork. We'll see.

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