Thursday, January 12, 2012

Some True Upstate NY Weather

The first 'real' Noreastern of the year has begun to hit many northeastern states. Snow accumulations in my driveway are about 4 inches already and its only gonna go up. We're expecting to get the worst. Freezing rain, sleet and best of all, high winds that will bring down power lines! So excited......not really.

Would you look at that radar map!!!
Driving conditions are more than sketchy. I had a doctors appointment in Glens Falls today and we were slipping and sliding a lot.On the way back we saw a jeep that had smashed into a boulder on the side of the road and had flipped over. This is a common sight in upstate NY, for the roads up here can be as bad as any roads in the country when we get snow, sleet and rain, all in one day. For now I'm staying home. T-6 days until I arrive in Missoula!

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