Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bad Day

It was a slow few hours on the Bitterroot this afternoon. Cody, Chris and I headed down near Hamilton to try and entice some fish to hit slow moving streamers. We fished some great looking water but didn't get into many fish. Cody landed a small brown way upstream and Chris missed a fish nymphing. The only fish I saw was one that I spooked in very shallow water . Other than that, I didn't even have any strikes nymphing or on streamers. I was very surprised because I fished some very nice looking water.

What did happen to me today was probably the worst thing that's happened all season (2011 included). I put my nymphing rod down on the bank while I streamer fished this one pool. As I moved down the run I completely forgot I had laid it down........Snap!.......goes my favorite rod. I literally almost started crying. Stupidity? Possibly. At that point, disappointed and 'heartbroken' that I had just snapped my favorite rod in half, I slowly walked back downstream to the car. I believe it has a lifetime warranty.....hopefully. As Chris said after we were done "You win some and you lose some. You really lost that one."

The only thing that made my day a little less depressing was the view of the Selway-Bitterroot Mountains. They never fail to impress.

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