Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sporadic Perch

Chris and I headed out early to Brant Lake to jig for some perch. The lake was pretty crowded but we were fortunate enough to have private access to our very own part of the lake. We got into fish early and Stiles was wrecking the fish. He had about 15 fish in the first 10 minutes. I really don't know how he was doing it. I had the same jig and everything. Maybe just location? or maybe he is just a master. Who knows.

After about the first 30 minutes we had iced about 25 perch and then, just like that, the bite was off. The next hour or so was pretty slow and we only landed a few perch and 1 nice pickerel on a tip up. The fish were very sporadic today and would bite in spurts. It was a nice couple of hours on the ice and it was good to see the fish being more active than the last couple of days. Still waiting to get out and fly fish somewhere. I may be testing some new line coming up this week.

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