Monday, January 23, 2012

Gratton in Action

It was the first day of classes for spring semester at U of M today! What better way to kill the stress than to get out on the water? Chris and I headed to the Clark Fork to fish a run for a few hours before the light started to fade. Because of the lack of time we had, we decided to fish a run right in town. I began nymphing while Chris chucked some streamers. We fished for a while with no results. About 40 minutes into fishing, Chris hooked up with a nice fish. I walked upstream to see what he had and all I heard him yell was "Its a bully!"
It was about a 16 inch bull trout and a beautiful one at that. The fish had very nice colors and I took a quick release video.

The video didn't come out as good as I had hoped. Looks like I'm gonna need a little practice. However, it was still a great fish and Chris was stoked. I was just stoked to see a Bull Trout down in Missoula! I think its a good sign that the population might be increasing.

I managed to miss a couple fish (which seems like the only thing I'm good at lately), and I'm pretty sure I broke one fish off on the hook set. Not good. Tomorrow Chris, Cody, Garret and I will probably be heading out to fish on the Clark Fork somewhere. Hopefully that's when I'll actually land a fish for a change.

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