Saturday, January 14, 2012

The last day of Ice Fishing

Headed over to fish Loon Lake today with my friends Dennis and Tim. It didn't take us long to find fish and within the first 10 minutes we had a skinny 15 or 16 inch pike. It looked like a really unhealthy fish, unlike the pike from my home pond.

We had some consistent action throughout the day with a flag every once in a while. A smaller pickerel that we landed we had to kill because the hook was buried deep in the fishes gills. I'm sure he made the eagles in the area very happy. It was pretty cold out today and the fish froze solid within minutes. I took a very iconic looking image of him......

Dennis landed a nice pickerel of about 17 inches when we went to pick up our gear. Overall it was a good day. However, the temps never even rose above 18 degrees and the windchill was freezing. Still a very fun day though. I've had a great time ice fishing while I've been home and I'm glad that I got to spend some time with friends and also catch some quality fish.

Tomorrow morning I'll be headed out with Chris Stiles for my last trip in the east! We're off to the Salmon River to try and hook up with some Lake Ontario run steelies. Can I finally land my first steelhead? I hope so. It has taken me too long. Tomorrow is supposed to be freezing too but hopefully our efforts pay off and we both land some chromers.

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