Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nymph Supply Low

I just looked at my nymph box.......WOW..... Not good. I've got a couple dozen stoneflies in various sizes, a few pheasant tails, princes, san juans, and a dozen of my one of a kind sparkle nymphs (customized for the Battenkill River. They did surprisingly well in western streams.) Needless to say there isn't much variety in that box. My streamer box is looking fine, as well as my steelhead boxes. My dries are back in Montana so I'll have to do an inventory on those when I get back.

So favorites. In 2010, I was a crazy nympher and that's basically all I did. I love nymphing with no indicator. I feel like if you get good enough to see the strike without an indicator, then good for you. It really does take a good eye. However, since I've been out west, I've been using an indicator more often. On Monday I'll be chasing my first steelhead ever with Chris. Hopefully nymphing the deep runs on the Salmon River will pay off.

So now its time to tie. It doesn't help that most of my tying supplies are in Montana right now. I did bring a bunch of glo bug yarn home, so I guess I'm limited to tying egg patterns. Either way, I need to get tying. I'll have to wait until I get back to MT to tie "trout-like" nymphs.

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