Friday, October 7, 2011

The Streak has Ended

Since being out west I have not gotten skunked once. Every single day I have fished I've managed to land something, even if it was small. The streak is now over. This afternoon Cody, Chris, Riley and I headed to the same stretch we fished yesterday. When we started fishing the wind was whipping and it was pretty cold (about 43 degrees). When we reached the big pool that we skipped over yesterday I missed a nice little fish right in front of me. The rest of the day was tough. Riley and Chris spotted some fish rising and Cody and I headed upstream to a deep run. We found a nice big boulder and Cody started working the water behind it. About 10 casts later a nice fish hammered his fly as his stripped it pretty fast. It was a beautiful brown of about 17 inches.

                                                              A nice Blackfoot Brown

Cody landed one more smaller fish a little further up the run. I couldn't manage to hook up with any fish at the head of the run. It was a tough day but the streak had to end eventually.
Chris caught a couple nice rainbows downstream on dries. He was very happy that he had landed more fish than me.....for once. But congrats Chris. You outfished me fair and square. I'll just have to show him up tomorrow. He, Troy and I will be headed to the North Fork of the Blackfoot at 7am tomorrow morning. Can't wait to hook up with more of those fat cutthroats. Stay tuned for the report......

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