Thursday, October 6, 2011

Blackfoot- Afternoon

Chris, Cody, Troy and I headed up the Blackfoot this afternoon to streamer fish. We drove up an access road about 4 miles and found a nice stretch that Cody and Garret had previously fished. Conditions were cloudy and cold but the rain seemed to be holding off. Troy and I headed downstream while Chris and Cody headed upstream. We found some great water immediately and we both fished a nice run/pool thoroughly. About halfway through the run I was stripping the fly in quick short bursts and I watched as a big fish missed my fly. A few casts later I had a fish nail my fly on a fast seam. The fish fought very hard and was actually a challenge on my 5 wt. As I eased the fish towards shore I noticed I had somehow hooked it near the pectoral fins. The fish was a rainbow of good size though and I landed him. It was a cooperative fish and I had troy take a few pics. The fish was about 17 inches.

The fly that I caught the fish on was a new streamer pattern that I tied yesterday. Olive has seemed to be the best all around color lately. The rest of the day went pretty slow. Troy and I walked upstream after a while and found Chris and Cody. They had covered a lot of water but neither of them had landed any fish. Cody had hooked one and had a few other takes. I watched them fish for little while and then we all called it a day. It was a good day in that I finally got a fish and kept my streak alive of not getting skunked since being out west. We'll see how long I can keep it going.

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