Monday, October 10, 2011

Clark Fork Report

The Clark fork is up a little from recent rain and slightly tinted. I fished above campus today with some brighter flashy streamers. About half way down the run I had a big rainbow come up and swipe at my fly about 5 feet in front of me. The fish missed and I stripped the streamer again. The fish smacked it and I set the hook. It was a pretty lame hook set on my part and the fish spit the fly pretty quickly. I worked down the rest of the run and then walked back to the top to throw a different colored pattern. No results. I headed back to the rapids near campus and fished the deep run on the main channel of the river. I fished through the whole run twice with no results. Riley who fished below me for most of the time did well on a pink panther variation of mine. He landed a couple whitefish and missed a few other nice trout. I need to go explore the Clark Fork more because I'm really getting tired of the same old water. Possibly tomorrow. Although I'm basically falling in love with the Blackfoot. Nothing beats the setting and the fish have remained active for as long as I've fished it. I still have a lot of that access road to explore also so I'll probably be on the Blackfoot tomorrow morning. Like I said, nothing beats the setting......

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