Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blackfoot Afternoon

Went right to the same slot where I missed that big bull trout yesterday. I fished it for a while with no results. I did spot 2 bull trout lying deep in the run while I was standing on a big boulder. The fish wouldn't budge for anything. I continued on upstream. I fished behind some boulders for a while and had one take but missed the fish. I kept going upstream and found a huge pool that was extremely deep.

I fished it a little and made my way to the head of the pool. I was casting along some slack water and had 2 cutthroats follow my fly right in only to turn away. I made another cast and stripped the streamer really hard. I paused when it got close to the bank and then stripped it one more time. A small bull trout of about 10" nailed it. The fight didn't last long at all and I eased the fish to the grassy bank. I had hooked the fish on the outside of the mouth on the gill plate so I released it quickly without a picture. I fished the head of the pool and then called it a day. On the way back I found some pretty fresh tracks of what looked like a big wolf. Not sure if it's a wolf or a coyote but all I know is, whatever made the tracks....was a big animal.

I also know that whatever made the tracks was there last night. Yesterday there were no tracks in the sand that I walked on. Today I found many tracks including smaller ones. Maybe a pack of wolves? Who knows. Pretty cool to see though. I fished the big pool right above the bridge and didn't have any hits. I considered hitting a stretch down the road on the way back but it was getting dark so I decided against it. It was an OK few hours of fishing today. It was just nice not to be poured on like yesterday.  

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  1. I'd say judging by size alone these were wolf tracks. Nice photo!