Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bitterroot Afternoon

Headed out to the Bitterroot this afternoon with Chris and Cody. It was a beautiful day in the Missoula area with clear skies and a high of about 55 degrees. Chris and I were going to streamer fish(like always) and Cody brought out the dries. It looked like a nice day for dries and there was a good number of bugs hatching, mostly mahoganies.

We decided to fish the access where I landed a 15 inch brown a few weeks ago. About 15 minutes into fishing Chris hooked into a nice fish. I was pretty far downstream but both Cody and Chris later explained that it was a beautiful brown of about 16 inches with some nice spawning colors. I wish I could have been there for a picture.

Chris and I crossed the river and found some great water downstream. I hooked into a nice bow of about 16 inches on about the third cast in the run we were fishing. The fish fought pretty hard for its size. I had Chris snap some pics of me with the fish.

We continued downstream finding some more great water. The view of the Selway-Bitterroot mountain range was amazing on this stretch and it made me appreciate how lucky we all are to be able to be here and fish, every single day...........

                                                  Chris chuckin' the big stuff

                                                     Cody in his element

Cody managed a couple of smaller fish on dries. I was surprised not more fish were rising today. I missed one more nice fish in a big pool and then we headed back upstream. It was a great day even though the streamer fishing wasn't too amazing. Chris and I managed to end our 3 day fishless streak. On the way back I showed the guys where I saw a bunch of whitefish on a side pool. I convinced Cody to tie on a nymph to hook into one of his favorite fish (just kidding Cody).

                                                       Always messing around

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