Thursday, October 6, 2011

Clark Fork- Morning Report

Woke early today to go streamer fish. It was really cold and there was a constant drizzle. The water levels have come up a bit and the water is slightly off colored. I started with a bright flashy colored streamer and fished below the falls. I had one good grab about 10 feet in front of me but missed the fish. I then walked a mile and a half upstream to the pool that I've gone 2 for 2 on streamers. I fished it thoroughly, 3 times through with 3 different flies, each time applying about 6 different stripping patterns for each section of the pool (i.e. I fished the shit out of the pool.)...... No takes. For the first time since I've been out west I have been skunked. However, this was just the morning report. There's still a lot of day left......

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