Friday, October 28, 2011

Back to fishing

Had a tough week of academic work. I had 2 exams today and now I'm finally free to fish. I called up one of the local fly shops today and got some intel on what areas are fishing hot. I headed over to the Clark Fork to fish a small section that I've never fished before. The water looked good but the area was crowded with 3 other guys. I waited for one guy to leave and I then fished the same long riffle/run with no results. I fished for a while longer but didn't have any takes. I think that the stretch is a popular one with easy access and if you're not the first one on the day to rip some streamers through it, then you aren't catching anything. I debated going to the car and getting my nymphing rod but decided against it. Chris and I fished the Clark Fork above Missoula yesterday afternoon and had an alright day. I had 3 or 4 good grabs but just couldn't connect with any fish. I think that the upper Clark Fork will be the key this weekend along with the Bitterroot. That's probably where I'll end up.

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