Monday, October 22, 2012

Predatory Perfectionists

All of you streamer junkies know the feeling. You watch your streamer swing through the depths of a run as you strip the fly from a high bank. You are watching patiently, waiting for your reflexes to react to what is about to happen. All of the sudden, your eyes change focus to the figure emerging from the depths, trailing your fly. You strip faster, as if you are making your fly imitate a fleeing fish. The missile aimed at your fly accelerates for the kill. You pause, and watch as the fish engulfs your fly...

Fall is by far my favorite time of year as I spend the majority of it throwing streamers for aggressive fish. To me, nothing excites me more than a big predatory trout. They know exactly what they want, and when they want your fly, they will get it. I have had some great fishing in the past couple weeks and it has just gotten better and better.

On Sunday, I headed out with Bob, of the blog Bum Trout. I've been fortunate enough to fish with Bob more often now than earlier in the year, and I have to say, Bob knows his stuff. After having slow fishing for most of the frigid morning, Bob suggested another section of river. It was only a matter of time before the streamer fishing lit up in a fashion that rarely happens... Fish, after fish, after fish in the same run.

Bob with a beautifully colored brown

Bob working the tail out of a nice pool

After landing several solid fish, I decided to switch things up and go bigger. It wasn't long until something smashed the 6 inch articulated streamer I had tied on. It just happened to be that big predatory brown, probably the largest I've landed in Montana.

A predatory perfectionist

The big brown was the icing on the cake for a great afternoon of streamer fishing. Every fish that we landed was a decent one and one that hit hard, like a true aggressive predator. Thanks to Bob for a great day of fishing and for capturing some great shots of the big brown. Make sure to check out Bob's blog at you won't be disappointed. 

Fall on the Bitterroot

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  1. Beautiful pictures! What a great day of fishing, and look at the size of that big brown!