Friday, October 12, 2012

Chris, Dad, doing well back home

This past Sunday, Chris Stiles called me in frantic fashion, explaining that he had just landed a huge wild Landlocked Salmon very close to my home. Stiles landed the fish after an epic fight on a 5wt with 5x tippet. The fish launched out of the water seven times! What was even more impressive was that he landed the fish in a small tributary of one of the major lakes back home. It is no doubt a huge LLS for the area in which he caught the fish, one that most people hope to catch just once in their lifetime. Check out his blog post at

My dad also called me the other day to tell me of his fishing news. Every fall, Lake Ontario tribs host huge runs of inland pacific salmon. This year the run has been amazing. My dad made a day trip out to Pulaski on the Salmon River and landed a few big kings. Good work dad.

The weather this weekend is....should I say....PERFECT! Cloudy with a good chance of rain on both Saturday and Sunday. Baetis and streamers. A wonderful combo it shall be.

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