Saturday, October 13, 2012

A great day

The scattered showers and overcast skies this morning told me all that I needed to know; it was going to be a streamer day. I hoped to find some BWO's along the way too but the winds definitely affected the number of bugs landing on the water. I stuck to streamers for most of the morning as I fished some brand new water that turned out to be awesomely productive. 

I covered a lot of water before turning around and fishing my way back up. It wasn't long until I hooked up with the fattest brown trout I have ever landed and my largest of the year so far.

The female was probably full of eggs so I made sure to return her to the water quickly. My day was made so I headed back to the car. Over a dozen fish in a few hours is a pretty good streamer day. It was great to find new water and hopefully tomorrow will be as good as today was. 

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