Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Lone Bull

Six days ago, Riley called me while I was fishing the Bitterroot explaining that he was staring at a huge bull trout resting in the current of a small pocket. The next day we went back and sure enough, the fish was still there. It was a very large fish, but when I moved up behind some rocks to take some underwater footage, I found out my camera was dead.

Today Riley and I headed for the Blackfoot again to fish. When we drove by the spot where we saw the fish, we decided to go look one more time. I thought to myself "there's no way that this fish could still be there". To my surprise, the fish was in the exact same spot. I managed to sneak up to within a couple feet behind the fish and got some great underwater footage. Enter the world of the Bull Trout....

We then moved upstream to find new water. We hit a spot that I did well in last year. The spot produced again and I landed two small bull trout and a cutthroat. Not a bad afternoon.

Tomorrow will be an adventurous day as Chris, Riley and I will travel into the wilderness and Griz country.

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