Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Crazy Pike

Seldom do I get tired of trout fishing. With so many techniques and fishing situations for one family of fish, targeting them is always interesting. However, occasionally I like to get away from the trout, for the sake of having some variety. Learning of the large pike that call the Bitterroot River home was an incentive for me to get out and target them. Coming from upstate New York, pike were a normal thing for me while I growing up. But when I came to Montana, the last fish species that I was thinking about was pike. It took a few tries before I landed my first Montana pike a few weeks ago, and today I went out in hopes of landing a few more. 

Finding a big pike is not like finding a big trout. You do not need to be nearly as stealthy. As in any fly fishing situation, presentation can be key. But on the first cast of the day today, as my big streamer slowly sunk in the slack water I was fishing, a large shadow slowly approached. The fly rested on the sandy bottom as the pike halted just inches from the fly. Then it was time.... One quick twitch and I watched as the pike inhaled the fly. The fight was on!

The fish made some awesome, drag screaming runs before I brought it to some shallow water. This one beat my first Montana pike for sure.

While fighting the fish there were also five or six more pike (a few of them being larger than this one), that were following my fish. I went right back at it again and it wasn't long before I enticed another fish, this time with an old streamer that my grandpa had given me. 

The fun didn't end there... I needed one more.

A toothy smile

Three pike in a couple short hours was definitely not a bad afternoon, especially after the everyday stresses of school. There's nothing like watching a big predatory fish crush your fly. Now to find the 40 incher...


  1. That's awesome Alec! Someday you will have to show me how to get after these critters. Next weekend looks like rain. Baetis on the Root? Oh yeah!!!

  2. Definitely Bob! let me know if you're free this weekend, even if it's for a few hours. That's all we'll need to land a few of these big guys. Excited for baetis. We'll have to float!