Monday, September 24, 2012

Selective fish, and good friends

On Sunday Chris and I met up with Bob of the blog Bum Trout. I first met Bob back in February while fishing the Mo. With Bob being so close to Missoula, we've managed to get out to fish a little bit in the past 6 months. We were definitely long overdue to get out on the water again.

We decided to float a long section of the Bitterroot. To sum things up quicker than usual, we experienced some very technical dry fly fishing. The trico hatch, which lasted longer than usual, made us feel like we were on the Missouri, not the Bitterroot. Only problem was that the fish were just like the big selective ones on the Mo. You need a perfect presentation, or else everything is ruined.

Sure we had our fair share of hookups, but landing fish was a complete different story. It was a tough day.

Bob doing his thing

Chris gettin' it done

The fishing got so technical, that at one point we spent more than half hour on one, consistently rising fish. After switching patterns about 10 times, Bob finally got the fish to eat. He fought the fish for a few seconds and then it was gone. I guess you can't win them all.

Sipping pseudos 

Despite having some very tough dry fly fishing, we all had a great time, especially working on our supreme dry fly skills. Fishing with Bob was a lot of fun and is always a rewarding experience because he knows his stuff. Hopefully we'll be out on the water again soon. Thanks for a great day Bob!

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