Sunday, April 22, 2012

Suicide Run to the Mo

After no thought at all, Cody, Garret and I arose early in the morning to make a suicide run to the Mo.The reason for calling it suicide is that by the time we get back to Missoula at night, we are quite literally (almost) dead. I compare us to that of the walking dead in most zombie movies.

We stopped at McDonald's for the usual fisherman's breakfast and hit the road. Arriving in Craig, we had no idea that our employers would allow us to take out one of the most expensive (and amazing) drift boats; a brand new Adipose flow. How fortunate are we? Very fortunate I would say.

We talked with the guys at the shop for a while and picked up some flies. Personally my trip budget was about 5 dollars, so I chose one fly that I thought would be the fly of the day. Turns out I was correct!
It didn't take long for the large black sculpin fly to produce a quality Mo-Bow.

As we continued downstream, Cody found some rising fish and found success with a crippled midge imitation.

Streamer fishing remained good with black producing the most strikes.

As we were most of the way through the float we experienced the largest gathering of midges I have ever seen. We literally were breathing in midges (Cody definitely inhaled a few), and at times it was hard to concentrate with thousands of these small insects crawling in your hair, down your shirt, in your ears, and in my case, one of my eyes.

One billionth of the amount of midges we experienced

Our toy for the day was nothing less than outstanding. The adipose flow was as smooth as can be, easy to row and holds in swift current with ease. Man would I love to have one someday.

A true masterpiece. (The boat, not Cody)

G-Money Vis had a pretty tough day and didn't land a fish. It happens to the best of us and today just wasn't his day. Despite getting skunked, Garret made up for it by taking some amazing photos. As you can see above, he was a pro today, capturing some awesome shots. It was also nice to fish with Garret because I haven't fished with him in a long time.

It was a nice day on the water with some quality fish landed. The drive back was a long one and we are in much need of a good night of sleep, which I will be starting

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