Sunday, April 15, 2012

Frustrating Takes

Got up early to fish the Root this morning with one thought in my mind.....its a streamer day. The rain was coming down and I was pretty excited to get on the water. Equipped with a full arsenal of streamers I fished for more than 6 hours today...and managed one fish. Yes, that's right, only one. I've never had such a frustrating day of streamer fishing.

Sure, streamer fishing was great, but the fish were not. Almost every take I had on the day came at the tail end of my swings and the fish (much like that of the Beaverhead last week) were not fully grabbing the fly. By the end of the day I must have stung about 20 fish which hit sporadically. It's almost like they were playing with my mind. But then again, maybe I'm over thinking all of it. Fish are supposed to be dumb right?

The worst take of the day came when I reached an awesome looking run. I had a good feeling that this is where the big guy would be hiding. It looked like "big fish water". Sure enough on the first cast, I watched as a large figure came charging after my streamer from the depths. The fish chased my streamer almost to my feet and I stopped my fly dead in the current. The fish  did not slow down or hesitate. It smacked the fly harder than I expected. My heart jumped out of my chest as I set the hook and the fish popped off. As I stung the fish, it did a roll and I got a good look at what could have been my fish of the year; a very, very large brown. There's no way to describe how much adrenaline I had going. I was also, as one would expect, quite pissed off.

Streamer fishing slowed down as the day progressed. After a while I decided to head back. It was a long walk back, playing the moment where the brown chased my fly over and over again in my mind. I have to say, for 6 hours of chucking streamers, just seeing that thing come out of nowhere with a single purpose of demolishing my fly, made my day. Sounds crazy, but for real, it was awesome to witness, even if I did lose the fish.

The bullet holes make this sign awesome

Still had a great time today, despite missing a bunch of fish. Now it's back to school...Only 26 more days until I am a free man. School can't end soon enough.

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