Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rock Creek, Bitterroot

The past couple days I've fished with Riley, once on Rock Creek and today on the Root. Rock creek on Friday fished alright. I spoke with  few other anglers who had a tough day. I was able to find fish in some slow moving back eddies. The fish really seemed to key in on moving stonefly nymphs and I found the most success by crinkling my nymphs slowly through eddies without a strike indicator. Weird technique but it seemed to work well. The water levels were up from a few days before.

Today Riley and I made our way to the upper Bitterroot in search of some skwala eating cutties. We found them, but not in the style that we had hoped. Saw one fish rise the entire time. We stuck to nymphing and had a pretty successful afternoon of fishing. I nymphed up 4 trout and a few whitefish and Riley landed a few cutties as well. It was a beautiful day in the Bitterroot valley.

Riley's cutty

Halfway through the fishing I spooked a goose off of its nest. I've never seen goose eggs before, and let me say, they are freaking huge.

Tomorrow is just the weather that I've been waiting for; NOAA is predicting cloud cover all day and a 50% chance of showers. This can only mean one thing....

!!!S T R E A M E R S!!!

Can you tell that I'm excited? Hopefully the big guys come out to play tomorrow. A big fish is much needed.

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