Thursday, February 2, 2012

Preparing the Midge Army

I was highly unprepared for the Missouri last time we were there. I literally watched for 20 minutes as a pod of big rainbows sipped midges just feet in front of me. It was great to see, but man did I wish I had some size 20 or smaller midges. Chris picked up some size 20 dry fly hooks and we got to work, tying in the study lounge. Yes, tying flies so small doesn't take a lot of material, but it does take some patience and steady hands.

The weather is looking perfect for the weekend and I think that Cody, Garret, Chris and I will be heading out of town around 3pm tomorrow. I've got two rods now that are in the process of being replaced. Both are 5wt. rods and sadly, the only two 5wts that I own. Now it seems that my only option is my 6 1/2 foot 4wt creek rod. So my goal for this trip is to land a decent bow (17+ inches) on my creek rod! I should have my hands full. I landed a 16" cutthroat on the upper Salmon River in Idaho two years ago and it almost ripped the rod out of my hands. This should be fun.

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