Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Clark Fork Afternoon

Went out and fished the Clark Fork for a few hours this afternoon with Chris. The action was pretty slow. Chris landed a little bow in the 'good pool'. We fished down from the access pretty far but didn't find any amazing looking water. I headed back upstream and actually took a short nap on the river bank. It felt pretty nice.

Nice place for a nap

On the way back up, Chris landed a nice 15 inch bull trout on a big olive streamer. It was good to see another bully being caught in the Clark Fork. The population must be on the rise. When I reached the access site, I decided to take one more shot at a fish. Besides, who likes getting skunked? I fished a deep pool on the far side of the river with a flashy streamer. A nice bow took it on the third cast.

I was happy to get at least 1 fish. It was still a really enjoyable time on the river today with temps in the upper 30's and no clouds in the sky. I'm really starting to love the Montana winter, especially when its sunny and somewhat warm.

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