Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I love Montana

Montana is not a paradise for everyone. It is for me though. I will admit, I am literally in love with Montana. There's nothing like waking up and walking to breakfast while looking into the rattlesnake wilderness at the snow capped mountains on a cloudless, beautiful Montana morning. And there's nothing like being surrounded by people with the same passions as yourself. What also makes me happy, is to be surrounded by people who have their own passions. To me, cool people have a passion (or passions). Whether its snowboarding, hiking, fly fishing or any activity, there are no shortage of cool people in Montana.

After class today, Chris and I headed across town to the Clark Fork to fish for a few hours. Couldn't of asked for a nicer afternoon on the water. I managed one small bow and a whitefish.

Catch of the Day

Not quite sure what is in store for the weekend. Licenses must be renewed ($70) by March 1st, so I may not be fishing this weekend! I should probably get a job (I've been saying that for the past 2 months).

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