Thursday, December 1, 2011

Surprise on the Clark

I fished the same section that I've been fishing on the Clark Fork this afternoon and had a nice surprise. I didn't waste any time when I got to the river and I made my way downstream to a nice deep, slow run where I've had success lately. I fished it for a little while with no strikes. I nymphed a little deeper in the run and got hit right on the edge of the drop off. I set the hook on a decent fish. I played it for a while until I could clearly see the fish. I was confused at first because it was a very dark colored fish. Then as the fish came closer I could tell it was a bull trout. It was quite the nice surprise from the Clark Fork. It was about a 16 inch bully and it had taken my san juan worm pattern. I snapped a couple pics really quick and returned the fish ASAP.

The fish had basically destroyed my fly but I kept it on and fished the same drop off. A few steps downstream and a few casts later and I was hooked up again, this time with a beautiful Cuttbow of about 15 inches, which also took the san juan.

I nymphed the run for a while longer and then called it quits. It was a beautiful day on the river with no clouds at all and not as cold as I expected. The fish were active also. Just another day in paradise.

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