Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I'm not gonna lie, I have not fished for the past few days because...its finals week. It's gone well so far and I'm done with 2 finals, with 3 to go. However, tomorrow is the big day with my Chemistry and math finals. I've studied pretty hard today and come up with some really elaborate 'cheat sheets'(note sheets), that we are allowed to use for the finals.

Got to take a nice break in between studying today and go downtown in Missoula with some friends to eat lunch. I must admit I haven't completely explored the city that I now live in and it was nice to eat at a new place and see more of Missoula. We saw a funny sign along the way.

What I have noticed in Missoula, is that the city has no problem with expressing its love for fly fishing.

Only 2 more days and then I'm headed home to NY. Reports from my fishing buddy Chris Stiles are not too promising. Still not enough ice to fish on so I think we'll be fishing moving water until the ice gets thick enough. Not that I have a problem with that. As long as I'm fishing.

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