Thursday, March 22, 2012

To the Steel!

It's official! Tomorrow at noon I'm off to central Idaho to chase my first steelie (and most importantly see my sister Kate and Tom). Tom is confident that with the warm weather, the fish are going to be more active than in the past couple of weeks. I'm stoked and ready to give this a shot. I'd like to say I'm not leaving Idaho until I land one, but its easier said than done. However, I'm ready to give it my all. Only time will tell. My goal is to land a steelie on the swing. If the swing fails I will be ready with lots of eggs.

Plan A: The Swing (with somewhat traditional flies only)

Plan B: (the easy way out (kind of))

Either way, I'm going to fish till I land my first steelie, or drop dead trying. Goodbye for now (I might be gone until Tuesday).

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