Monday, March 12, 2012

Bitterroot Pike

On Saturday I decided to hit the lower root to chase some pike. I must admit, I do miss the pike from back home in upstate NY. I stopped in at the Kingfisher and got some great intel from the guys, including where to access the lower river and where to target some big pike. After grabbing a couple big flies and some 40lb. mono, I headed down US 93 to an access below Lolo.

Go Big or Go Home

I walked downstream from the access and found a large back channel that was mostly still water. I worked the very back corner of the channel and immediately had a couple follows from medium sized pike. I fished it for a while and found some very big (and very spooky) browns, including one that trailed my streamer right to my feet. I couldn't manage to actually hook up with any pike.

After 4 hours of casting to spooky browns, I decided to head up river to catch some fish. I stopped in at Bell Crossing to find 41 cars (yes I counted), with half of them without boat trailers. I guessed there had to be at least a dozen guys wade fishing. I couldn't believe how packed it was. I drove further up river and eventually found my own water near Hamilton. I landed a few trout and a few whitefish and then called it a day. It was a beautiful day on the water with temps in the mid 60's.

All shots taken from some sweet GoPro footage! I'm looking to start making another short vid again soon. This time featuring none other but the Root.

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