Friday, March 9, 2012

Passing up the Mo

Who would do such a thing? Who could pass up the Mo? Well to tell you the truth, I did! I didn't really want to pass up the Mo, however when you make a promise to some people, you gotta keep it. This will be yet another Bitterroot weekend. The weather today was outstanding and reached into the 60's! Chris and I drove down the Bitterroot Valley and fished a nice side channel where Chris had done well yesterday.
My cousin nick called me in the middle of fishing and we had a great conversation. Nick is currently attending school in British Columbia and training for cross country skiing (yes he's good).   He's now in Utah racing and will soon be headed back to the east coast to compete in more races. While talking to Nick, I was jokingly casting into a fast run and I hooked up with a small bow. I managed to fight the fish and keep Nick on the phone the whole time. Hows that for Multi-tasking!? It was nice catching up with him.

After finding Chris and watching him nymph up some whities, I called my grandpa and talked with him while I sat on the bank of the root. It was great talking with him about when he fished the Bitterroot many years ago. After exchanging some stories, I found Chris again and we headed back to the car. It was a relaxing afternoon of fishing. No skwalas sighted and the whitefish were again in abundance.

Cody and Garret are currently in Craig at the Mo. They'll be fishing all day tomorrow. As for me, I think I'll be chasing pike tomorrow on the root. Might as well try and help out the trout population by nailing one of those big suckers!

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