Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Frack Attack! Save the Delaware

Hydro-Fracking is an industrial process where millions of gallons of highly pressurized fluid is injected into the earth to fracture rock formations. This process is used for the recovery of fossil fuels. The problem with hydrofracking is that the water used is laced with  many toxic chemicals that will contaminate waterways, affecting more than just fish. A plan to allow 20,000 gas wells in the Delaware River Basin will be voted on, on November 21st.

The Delaware runs through New York and is the border line between New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It is known as one of the best trout fisheries in the state of New York as well as the drinking supply for over 15 million people. If the plan for the gas wells is allowed, the Delaware river and surrounding watersheds may be contaminated with hundreds of toxic chemicals. Hydrofracking also causes air pollution and land scarring. It is a full scale industrialization that will ruin the fishery and possibly put people in harms way. Check out this video on the fly fishing blog Moldy Chum about the proposed hydrofracking on the Delaware.......

Being a New York resident my entire life, after watching this video I decided to help take a stand against this potential environmental disaster. I called New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo and urged him to vote against the proposed fracking, explaining that it will not only ruin much of the aquatic ecosystem, but possibly the drinking water supply for millions of people. Being a University student, hopefully he takes my words into consideration. I must say, it really does feel good to take a stand and I urge you to take one too (if this proposition pisses you off like it did to me). The more people taking a stand, the better. For more information go to

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