Sunday, November 27, 2011

Clark Fork in Good Condition

I fished the Clark fork today with Chris and had a pretty decent couple hours of fishing. We fished a section where I've gotten into a couple of fish lately. The section has some nice slow moving runs that are great for nymphing. I tied up some of my very own san juan worm patterns for today, made out of a pretty natural looking material. The fish found it pretty natural looking also.

We got to the access around noon. I left my boots in Chris's car overnight and had to smash the ice out of them. Before I could even get in the water Chris was hooked up with a fish, but the hook pulled out. I headed down to the run where I missed a big brown on Thanksgiving day. On the way I missed a fish and also broke off both flies. I wasn't having the best day so far. I fished through the nice run with no hits. I crossed the river and began to walk down the right bank fishing small pockets along the way. Then I came across a nice deep run that looked perfect for nymphing. I drifted my nymphs right along the edge of the sandy/gravel drop off and got nailed on the first cast. It was a nice colored up cuttbow of about 14 inches.

The fish had taken my san juan worm, and I was happy that I caught something on my own pattern. I went right back to the same spot. I set the hook on a fish but lost him after about a 5 second fight. I took a few steps downstream and hooked up again, this time with a rainbow that was about 10 inches. By this time the materials of the pattern that I tied were being destroyed. The chenille was falling apart but I was still getting strikes. I tied on a new one and headed downstream. I found another nice riffle run and fished through it. I ended up snapping my last san juan worm off towards the tail end of the run. My feet were pretty numb and my hands were cold also, even though I had gloves on. I decided to head back upstream towards the car. While I was waiting for Chris I managed one whitefish in the pool near the access.

Overall it was a good day and I've really come to like that section. The only thing that was bad was my feet. I'm bringing out the wool socks now (which I should have done back in October). I don't think I actually had feeling in my toes until a few hours after we got back to campus. Winter is no doubt here, even though there is a lack of snow.

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