Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Fished above campus today for a few hours. The dry fly fishing was alright. However, there wasn't nearly as many fish actively rising as last week. I landed a rainbow and cutt(not of any good size) and then decided to walk up to the pool where I had landed a nice brown a few days before on a streamer. I put on the same streamer without a sink tip again and started working the top part of the run. It only a few casts before my fly got hammered by a fish. It felt like a big fish and for about a minute I didn't even know what I was hooked in to. To my surprise it was only about a 14 inch rainbow that had just fought like crazy.

It felt great again to have a fish hit and fight so hard on a streamer. After fishing the run all the way through a second time with a different colored streamer, I called it a day. I spoke to Cody on the phone after and we both agree, now is the time to start focusing more on streamers.

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