Thursday, September 22, 2011

3 fish, 3 casts

Had a great thing happen today on the Clark Fork. I was fishing a nice hole with plenty of rising fish. I fished the pool for a while and hooked up with a nice fish. It was about a 15 inch rainbow and I fought it for a good 4 minutes.

After releasing the fish I made a long cast across the pool and another decent cutthroat of about 12 inches nailed my fly. After releasing that fish I made another even longer cast to the far side of the pool. Again a fish nailed my fly. It was a rainbow of about 10 inches. It was literally 3 consecutive fish on 3 consecutive casts. Not bad at all for 1 pool on the clark fork. In total I landed 4 from the pool and 1 small bow upstream. The rest of the afternoon outing was slower. Riley managed to land a couple smaller fish out of the same productive pool. Tomorrow afternoon after classes we'll be headed to the biterroot mountains for our big trip. We'll be camping for 2 days and fishing some very productive alpine lakes. Stay tuned for the full story.

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