Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Goodbye Glasses

For the past 8 years I've fished with the same polarized sunglasses. The rootbeer tinted Smith glasses have been at the bottom of many rivers and lakes and have been recovered every time, except for yesterday. I fished yesterday evening with Chris on Rattlesnake Creek. We did well, each landing a few fish nymphing the pocketwater of the small stream. No bear encounters this time but as we were walking back downstream I reached for my glasses(which are usually on the top of my hat) and they were gone. I considered going back to look but we had covered a lot of stream and the chances of finding them were pretty slim. And so ended the 8 years of having those glasses. I was actually pretty bummed but I think it was about time for a new pair.
As for the fishing Chris did very well today. I've enjoyed watching Chris go from not even being able to cast 10 feet, to being able to put a fly wherever he wants. He has improved so much in the past 2 weeks that he can now catch fish not only with dry flies but nymphing as well. I'm very surprised that he has picked up nymphing so quick. It's even more suprising though, that like me, he enjoys nymphing (which many people hate). I'd like to take some credit for Chris' improvement but I must say, he is a fast learner.

                                         Chris nymphing the pockets on Rattlesnake Creek
Headed to the fly shop today before going out to fish. I may be getting new shades, but they'll never be able to replace my last pair.

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