Monday, August 29, 2011

Literally Addicted

I have now fished 9 strait days and I've estimated I've fished at least 45 hours. That's a lot of fishing, an average of 5 hours a day. The only thing that amazes me is that I do not want to stop at all. I am still looking to be out there every day, enjoying the sport that made me decide to go to the University of Montana in the first place. I can honestly say, I am addicted to fly fishing.
Today was my first day of classes and I had 5 of them. It was a pretty busy day, but after I got out of my last class around 3:30, Cody was ready to head up to the Blackfoot in search of new water to fish. We found a nice access point at a raft launch. It was a deep bend of the river, headed by a nice riffle and deep run. Cody started with hopper patterns and I nymphed again. The stretch of river didn't turn out to be too promising and we each landed a few small fish. It was nice to get out though. Tomorrow I have only 2 classes and my second one ends at noon. I'll probably fish the Clark Fork tomorrow... stay tuned.

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