Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blackfoot Produces

The Clark Fork remains in good condition with many different hatches going on. Plenty of PMD's, Tricos and even some caddis in the evening. Hoppers produced some fish today while parachute patterns also enticed fish to strike. Around 4 pm I headed to the Blackfoot to fish some hoppers. The lower part of the river is temporarily closed because of a recent forrest fire. I found a nice section with a deep run. I started with a big hopper and then downsized to a smaller. Immediately I was getting takes. The fish seemed to be short striking the fly and I kept missing fish. I had one big Cutt nail the fly but I missed him. After fishing up the run I crossed the river to fish a deep edge along a steep rock wall. I switched to a heavy stonefly and phesant tail nymph dropper. Halfway down the run I hooked up with a nice fish. I could see some nice color and when I led the fish into shallower water I could see it was a beautiful westslope cutt of about 16 inches. The fish had taken the stonefly and it felt good to land a trout nymphing instead of a damn whitefish.

                                                     Hooked up with a nice Blackfoot River Cutt

I had a few more strikes on a stimulator but didnt hook up with anymore fish.
Later in the evening I fished the campus section of the Clark Fork again with my roomate. I'm glad that I've found a few kids already that like to fly fish also. We fished right into darkness and I managed to land 1 bow and a few smaller whitefish. It seems like prime time on the the Clark Fork right now is around 12pm-4pm and hopper action is great mid day. I might throw some streamers tomorrow morning with a sink tip to try and bring out a big fish. Stay tuned for tomorrows report...

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